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The most successful businesses are those

with an attention to the importance of the work-life balance.


The most successful businesses are those with an attention to the importance of the work-life balance. Studies have shown that employees are more likely to perform well when they are feeling great both physically and mentally. Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions (WLFS) help companies keep great employees happy, healthy, productive, and loyal with high-energy corporate fitness and teambuilding programs.


We customize fitness and teambuilding activities to integrate the success of your company’s culture. Whether you choose to hire us for one day, several days, or on an ongoing basis, WLFS will provide a high-energy event or program that will inspire your workers, improve morale, increase productivity, and reduce stress.

Potential benefits of workplace health programs to employers and employees:

About Our Corporate Wellness Program


  • Increased well-being, self-image, and self-esteem
  • Improved coping skills with stress or other factors affecting health
  • Improved health status
  • Lower costs for acute health issues
  • Lower out of pocket costs for health care services (e.g., reduced premiums; deductibles; co-payments)
  • Increased access to health promotion resources and social support
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Safer and more supportive work environment


  • Lower health care and disability costs
  • Enhanced employee productivity
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Decreased rates of illness and injuries
  • Enhanced corporate image
  • Improved employee morale
  • Improved employee recruitment and retention
  • Increased organizational commitment and creation of a culture of health

Programs and Services Offered


A Recognized Expert in Fitness Program Creation, Experienced in All Aspects of Service Delivery


Walter Lewis is an executive professional with expertise in program management, fitness sales, operations, and physical training within diverse platforms. He has a record of demonstrated success in creating cutting-edge fitness programs which have motivated thousands of professionals, pageant queens, seniors, children, young adults, and numerous corporations into achieving ultimate performance and physical shape since 2004.


In 2011, Walter led Gaylord National Harbor to become ranked number two on the list of Healthiest Employers in the Greater Washington DC area. Walter trained Miss DC International 2011, Dr. Allison Hill, to win the Fitness Award and place as 4th runner up in the Miss International 2012 pageant competition. Walter also trained Taylor Dawson to win the Miss Maryland Teen USA 2015 Pageant (86 Teens competed).


In addition to the Gaylord National Harbor, some of his other corporate clients include The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), Mitre Corporation, and The Boeing Company. Walter has dedicated himself to leading and collaborating with all members of an organization to achieve operational and performance objectives with a focus on team mentorship. Walter has been instrumental in improving processes, enhancing productivity, and implementing strategic solutions to propel business growth.

  • Walter Lewis is a Certified Outdoor Action Fitness Coach
  • RRCA Certified Running Coach
  • National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT)
  • American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer (ACE)
  • Certified Wellness Coach (endorsed by the College of Sports Medicine)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Averett University
  • Master of Science in Information Management from Marymount University


Health and Fitness Consultant


and Recognition



TRAINER OF Miss Teen International national PAGEANT

Trained Miss Teen Eastern Coast International, Juliana McKee, to win the Miss Teen International national pageant title (2010).



TRAINER OF Miss Maryland Teen USA

Trained Taylor Dawson to win Miss Maryland Teen USA 2015 Pageant



top Fitness Coach by Miss DC International Pageant System

Recognized as the top Fitness Coach by Miss DC International Pageant System, 2011.

Ms. DC International 2008 training efforts were chronicled in the Washington Post.



top 10


top 10


Healthiest employers

Led Gaylord National Harbor to become ranked number two on the list of Healthiest Employers in 2011; in 2012 & 2013 they were ranked in the top ten Healthiest Employers.

  • Author of “4 Secrets to Healthy Living for Busy Professionals”.
  • Author of “The Top 3 Exercise and Weight loss Solutions for Busy Professionals”





Fitness Award: TRAINER OF Miss International

Trained Miss DC International 2011, Dr. Allison Hill, to win the Fitness Award and place as  runner up in the Miss International 2012 pageant competition.

National Harbor Boot Camp featured as a success in the Gaylord National Corporate Newsletter.

Corporate Newsletter.


Over the past two years attending bootcamp, I have seen our group size grow from a small handful of participants to a group of 30 and some days or more!


The word has spread throughout SHRM that bootcamp with Walter is the place to be! My fellow bootcampers are now my cheerleaders, and I am theirs. We push through workouts together, cheer each other on, laugh and joke, and celebrate each other’s progress.  You can hear us from down the hall chanting and cheering, grunting and giggling. It is obvious to others that our team is tight. We have a bond, because of bootcamp, that draws us together.


There is an energy, a vibe, that hums in each of us during our workouts. It drives us to push our limits and each other.


  • Leah MacDowell,
    Training & Client Relations Specialist

    Society for Human Resources Management

Coach Walter is the best trainer in the Washington, DC area!


His dedication and hard work with the Miss DC International Pageant organization has been of tremendous value to not only our current titleholders, but the women of Washington, DC! He has taught us how to take care of our bodies, and most importantly, live healthy!”


Rita Sinha,
Executive Director

DC International Pageants,
Miss District of Columbia International 2007

Boot Camp was a breakthrough for me. I was a “junk food junkie.”


Boot Camp was a breakthrough for me. I was a “junk food junkie.” I have been delivered from junk food and I have learned not to live to eat but how to eat to live. My health is so much more important than I thought. Being the winner of The Biggest Loser, I am proud of my discipline. I want to thank Walter for his positive reinforcements and my co-STARS for pushing me through.”


Peter J. O’Neil, CAE,
Executive Director

Thank you for your support and confidence in me, Walter!


I started working out with Walter almost two years after having a baby. Although I had been able to lose some of the baby weight on my own, my body never quite felt the same. I did not have the same figure, muscle mass, strength, or endurance which I had before pregnancy. Soon after I reached out to Walter, he devised a training program perfectly suited to my individual goals and schedule. His workouts were intensive but also diverse and engaging.


Walter’s positive and fun attitude helped me to pull through the weeks of training. Three months later, I am in the best shape of my life. I am lighter, stronger, and more toned than I have ever been before. Most importantly, Walter has taught me the secrets to working out smart so that I can maximize the limited time I have.


Maryam Zafar, Esq.

Walter has been an amazing trainer so far! He’s already made me face the reasons I was overweight while helping me overcome them, all while burning calories.


His constant unconditional faith in my abilities helps keep my negative thoughts away so I can focus on the task at hand, which is getting fit for the first time in my life. I always tended to get bored quickly with activities so I have loved that Walter keeps me on my toes and constantly changes the workout. As I get stronger Walter steps up the intensity and helps me push through the next barrier I never thought I’d past. He’s even motivated me to get more active outside the gym, which has resulted in me completing my first race ever! I can’t wait to see what barrier I break through next!”


Kate, NOAA



After years of working out solo on a semi regular basis, I was bored and frustrated. I was getting sick of the same old routine and not seeing results I expected. I wanted to take my workout to the next level and needed someone to help me do that. I decided to start with a few one-on-one sessions with Walter, and from that point on I was hooked.


His positive encouragement, constantly changing routines, and high intensity training helped me graduate to the next level. I have now been training with him over a year, and the results are evident. I am lifting more than ever, feeling healthy, and actually enjoying working out again!”


Matt Karner,



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